Here are some comments from several of my recent customers:

Matt - "I've appreciated your artistry/stills for a couple years now, and thank you for your contributions. I hope to see you at the track soon."

James - "Your pictures have been better then most..."

Andria  - "'re photo of me was by far the best I've had."

David  - "Great photos. Much better than the other photographers..."

Steven - "Those shots were great! Best pictures of me racing that Ive seen yet."

Davin - "Thanks for all of your awesome work this weekend. Truly epic!"

Many of the images are for sale, with both prints and digital downloads available. (All prints and downloads will NOT have the watermark on them!)

!!IMPORTANT!! When ordering prints, please be very aware of how the "crop" looks. When choosing a size, you can preview the "crop" on the left. Also, you can adjust the crop during checkout.

This is an important step in order for you to get the image that you want. Thank you.

- Kevin